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Unzipped by Sheri Arcuria

Unzipped by Sheri Arcuria

Being overweight, you are judged on a daily basis because of how you are on the outside and rarely ever because of whom you are on the inside.  I had visions of walking into a party and people staring at me.  A zipper appears close to my chest and I unzipped it and a skinny person was revealed to the surprise of everyone in the room.  I was finally exposing my true inner being and no longer hiding or surrounding myself in “fat.”


We also unzip when we are about to do something intimate and personal.  We unzip for the purpose of changing, exposing or releasing in some form.  In order to be your true self, you have to have the courage to expose yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


We all have a story that is being written daily.  Characters come and go for the purpose of moving the story along.  Some scenes are sad and dark, some are comical and light.  We hold the pen and dictate where we want to take our audience.


Some of us choose to keep it to outselves and some of us want to use it as an opportunity to help and inspire others.  I am the latter.


This is my story…

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