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M.O.B.A.’s mission is to inspire a mindset movement that instills an ideal that regardless of the setbacks faced, we can overcome any obstacle and become a Master of Bad-Assery.



M.O.B.A. started as a phrase used to describe doing something Bad Ass.  I started saying I was a "Master of Bad-Assery" as a self-confidence booster with the "fake it until you make it mentality" as a way to overcome shyness and insecurity.  What I noticed as the years progressed was the more that I had the mindset that I was already Bad Ass, things started materializing on its own to coming to fruition.  It was as if my mind already believed it was true and now everything else had to shift to catch up.  Erick and I had similar goals, but different approaches and what M.O.B.A. taught us was to just strive to be the best version of ourselves, in the ways it worked for us individually.  






Since then, that mentality has started a movement and others' started jumping on with their own ways to incorporate the M.O.B.A. Mentality into their daily life.  Life is not about competing with each other.  Our only competition is with ourselves.  We need to constantly work to improve ourselves in order to live to our fullest potentials and overcome any adversity thrown at us.  Our mindset determines what the outcome will be.


"We are our only roadblocks.  It's time to take the caution cones away and go full speed ahead."


Success and happiness all start from the same place:  The mindset that you want it. 


a Mindset, a Mantra, a Mentality.

a M.O.B.A. Mentality


Meet Sheri

Sheri was someone who struggled with weight her entire life until she woke up one day over 350lbs, facing a slew of medical issues and possibly one day becoming a sad statistic.  Finally, after years of back and forth, she made the decision to have Gastric Sleeve surgery in 2014.  Her success was sustained by having the mindset of focusing on the big picture, instead of the current struggles in the moment.  By changing her mindset, her life changed in different ways and different aspects and now strives to help others to become the best version of themselves.  A now published author of "Unzipped", she now inspires others' with her journey and has joined forces with her husband Erick to launch M.O.B.A. as a way to inspire others to be in the right mindset and look good while kicking ass! 

Meet Erick

Erick's journey started a few years ago when we woke up one day unhappy with who he was.  Approaching 400 pounds, he was determined to make changes and improve the quality of his life.  By starting small, he started changing his eating habits and picked up a couple weights.  Focused on the big picture, his mentality changed to constantly strive to do slighter better than the day before.  Was started as a few small changes, graduated to longer cardio, more weights and a drive that is reflected in his results.  After a weight reduction of over 130lbs, he set out to help motivate others to join the healthy train with him.  And now, working with his wife, Sheri, they are helping others find the way that works for them and starting a movement for change.

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